DIRECT for Downloads: Simple setup. Fast deployment.

Sample download manager UIs
for Windows and Mac.

DIRECT for Downloads - Download managers for Windows and Mac from Solid State Networks

DIRECT for Downloads Customers.

DIRECT for Downloads - Download manager for Windows and Mac

The fastest, most reliable way to deploy to a global audience.
DIRECT for Downloads is an easy-to-deploy download manager solution built on our proven deployment technology. You supply the logo you’d like for the download manager skin and the destination URL for your download and we do the rest. Not only is it quick and easy to deploy, but you also get the most reliable and consumer-friendly download manager in the industry.

DIRECT for Downloads delivers millions of downloads worldwide every month.

See the DIRECT for Downloads tech specs for more info.

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The most consumer friendly download manager you can get.
Nothing frustrates consumers more than a poor user experience. As a non-invasive download manager solution, there is nothing to install or uninstall in order to make it work. It just works.

Intuitive controls and helpful status indicators.
While it’s working, your users can see exactly how the download manger is performing via progress bars and smart status indicators.

They can pause and resume their download as needed without the need to start over or wait longer.

The bottom line is that your customers get a hassle-free download experience.

Non-invasive, stand-alone executable.
DIRECT for Downloads has nothing to install or uninstall. Your customers simply download your content. That means your customers don’t need to worry about discovering strange software or processes running in the background on their systems. We don’t believe that is a good way to interact with your customers and we know they appreciate that.

Actionable reporting data.
You can learn a lot from a download. We collect a wide range of reporting data and offer you convenient reporting options to help you make better decisions for you and for your users. Our Reporting options include:

When you have a clear view of your download manager’s performance and customer activity, you can get the transparency and insight needed to enhance your content delivery and improve your bottom line.

Multilingual support.
Delivering your content worldwide requires a download manager that can speak many languages. DIRECT for Downloads currently supports a growing list of languages including:

Technical Specifications

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Want more?
DIRECT can also be deployed for Online Games which include integrated game patching and launcher solutions. It can also accommodate specialized workflows or complex use cases.

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