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Create download managers (DLMs) for Mac and Windows with our easy-to-use web app.

Download managers are the best way to deliver content and software. Direct DLM Studio gives you the same download manager solution that has delivered billions of downloads worldwide for companies like Adobe, Kodak, EFI and more. You get an easy way to build custom DLMs right from your browser. Your customers get a hassle-free way to get your content.

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Add your content URL(s).

Customize your DLM.

Build and export it.

Deploy it globally with confidence.

DLMs do it better than the browser.


Use the right tool for the job and get a higher percentage of completed downloads with Direct DLM.

Downloading From a Web Link

Average results from download a link to launching of installed software.

  • Download Link 100%
  • Finish Download 84%
  • Launch Downloaded Installer 79%
  • Complete Install 74%


Complete Installs

Using DIRECT Download Manager

Average results from download of the DLM to launching of installed software.

  • Download DLM 100%
  • Launch DLM 97%
  • Finish Download 94%
  • Complete Install 92%


Complete Installs

From the initial click to a successfully completed install, Direct DLM delivers more conversions.

Get the actionable data you need from our real-time reporting.

These companies trust Direct DLM.

Adobe uses Direct DLM to deliver some of their most popular software worldwide.

EFI delivers PrintSmith productivity software and Fiery products workstation software and print drivers with Direct DLM.

WarpPortal uses Direct DLM to deliver online games.

Technical details and specifications


Learn more about Direct DLM


Technical Requirements

Use Direct DLM Studio in any modern web browser to build your DLMs.

User System Requirements

Windows XP SP3 or higher.

Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.

GUI Customization

Direct DLM’s GUI is completely customizable using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Learn more.


Advanced Security


Data Integrity & Recovery

Reporting & Analytics


Language Localization

Awesome Support

Tested and compatible with every major CDN.

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